Our motto is "Be It": be wow, be passionate, be special, be crazy, be fool, be funny! We are few, young and tough. We are those who invent the events thinking about the passions of everyone, those who prefer to do, risk and achieve rather than thinking too much and then decide not to even try. Our values are: honesty, joy, desire to win, ability to experience the enchantment of those who walk first on the fresh snow. We want to talk about it even beyond work, because in BEIT there is also a lot of what we are in everyday life ...




I lived the legendary '80s as the carefree child of a small village in the Treviso countryside, grown up in partitars in the oratory and the first getaway from home with friends.

The 90s were those of the restless adolescence with the school as an obstacle to overcome, but also the first loves, the first trips abroad, the first job as a pizza chef, the conquest of independence thanks to the two wheels ... in the engine that made me go faster, farther and allow me to be late in the morning.

Then came the millennium bug and the transfer to the big city: Milan.

And it was immediately love for the frenetic rhythms and opportunities to be taken on the fly. Universities, parties, work, parties, work ... it took little to understand that events would be my future.

The important apprenticeship in an excellent agency and then here it is ... him, the entrepreneurial spirit that looks overwhelming on the horizon, crosses Sivlia, my sister, friend, confidant and why not ... then also a member! 2010: this is the beginning of the decade of great events, of the crazy undertakings that nobody expected, of the scares of the tornadoes and of the enormous joys of the successes achieved. My be? BE WOW, I love to amaze everyone.



Often changing the perspective makes you see things from another point of view, from the top of my over 1 meter and ninety often everything is clearer :) or at least I always tend, often too much, to always see the bright side some things.

Reasoning, strategies and numbers are my allies, I love teamwork and being part of a team where we fight for common goals.

According to all past colleagues, friends and acquaintances there is no person with whom I can not speak and get in tune, finding for everyone their own key to reading.

In BEIT I deal with marketing and communication, the daily bread since I work and while still studying.

Lover of lifestyle, animals, cooking and travel, I pay attention to the details that can, but always make the difference!

Besides this, I'm the official manager of Christmas at the Office: my goal? Get ready for next Christmas as more and more decorations and prevent my puppy from eating!



I'm Camilla and I'm the youngest part of the group in BEIT.

This does not mean that you have to take me under my leg because sooner or later I will conquer the world!

Determined, courageous and tireless.

After all, being young is not just a demographic thing but it means always being fresh, enterprising and moving every time, ever beyond the horizon of possibilities!

I take care of everything, I keep the ranks of different projects and I have so many dreams in the drawer that I struggle to close it!



BE PASSIONATE is my mantra and I could not live in any other way. How to describe me? Competitive, curious, determined, polyglot and just passionate in everything I do. From the Veneto village the first big step was moving to Milan where, dividing me between Bocconi and international activity in AIESEC, I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge. Together with my husband, an adventure companion for over 20 years, I have had the opportunity to live in different countries and to open up to the world: Spain, Belgium, Ireland and the United States, and then spend 10 wonderful years in London. In that beautiful city I was lucky enough to meet a visionary entrepreneur and learn the art of making great events and festivals dedicated to the great passions of all of us: cooking, motors, sport and fashion, just to name a few. And I have not stopped anymore. Meanwhile in my life the twins have appeared and what to say ... my life has gone from 200 to 300 km / h! My biggest pride from a professional point of view? The success achieved in London, after having arrived without knowing anyone; the strong friendships created over the years in that beautiful environment that has been Brand Events UK; having managed and raised a group of wonderful women, who have established themselves around the world and have created an innovative, honest and concrete company in my country.


From the Veneto with fury, landing in Milan well ... now too many years ago. After the IULM and a master's degree in Ca'Foscari I start to really set foot in the world of work.

I find myself so since 2014 in BEIT.

I have covered, but mostly discovered, various roles within the agency and now I believe I have found the peace of mind.

What I do? I'm responsible for every leaflet, ADV, banner, post and so on and so forth, that talks about us. I'm the one who struggled to put fuchsia in the logo and wanted to put a tropical texture on this site.

I come from the homeland of prosecco that as a wine goes perfectly with my personality, so: BE SPARKLING and I close with a <3


Do not call me a graphic designer!


I am a creative and my rules are: color, precision and balance, together with a bit of madness.


In my work as well as experience, the continuous updating and a considerable dose of imagination serves so much, indeed, a lot of patience.


Raise, change, rotate, zoom out, save, print ... it's never over!


My motto is BE PATIENT because if you lose your calm even the most obedient pixels will be broken;)


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