... two brothers, SIlvia and Mauro, started in 2010 from a small shared room. Until then they had done similar routes but in different countries: she wandering around the world, he remaining in his beloved Milan.rom that room began the great adventure that today has the name of BEIT Events: they dreamed of great events that could entertain people and involve the most enterprising companies and always looking for new ways to stimulate the public.

Their goal was to organize events that focused on the consumer and his passions, creating real "days of passion" in which everyone could have fun, learn, know and share.

After 9 years in London, Mauro convinced Silvia to return to Italy bringing with her a format that she had helped create: the Taste Festivals.

From two have become 4, then 6 and now 15, always hoping to continue to grow, attracting creative, entrepreneurial and reckless people like them!

Thanks to their events they have created a very large "dream team", made up of fantastic suppliers, agencies with which they collaborate, students who participate every year in Taste without counting partners, historians and those who each choose to become part of this big family.

In these years they have created 9 Taste of Milan, 7 Taste of Rome and itinerant Taste of Christmas welcoming over 500,000 people and thousands of companies.

The two brothers have launched a new format presented at the Rome International Film Festival: Roma Food Story. They brought for the first time in Italy that group of crazy people who call themselves Top Gear Live!

They did not stop here and in the summer of 2018 they brought the taste to the top with the temporary restaurant & lounge Taste On Top on one of the most beautiful terraces in Milan.

The philosophy that distinguishes them is that the future is of events, experiences and formats that, starting from the passions, allow brands and companies to speak directly to people by offering entertainment, education and sociality.


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